This website (or project, if you will) was the result of my lack of knowledge about the LGBTQ community and because I wanted to educate myself more on the topics. I know a lot of people from the community and could've simply asked them to educate me about their community, but I figured there are already a lot of people who might be doing that and I didn't want to be just another guy annoying my friends because I didn't want to research the topic. Hence, this site was born!

The site aims to cover all the "flavors" under the LGBTQ umbrella and educate people outside of the community without being a burden on the people who already are struggling/have struggled with themselves and their sexual orientation.

There are seventeen most popular and well-known flags from the LGBTQ community that have been explained with a fair bit of origin story and background. However, since I am a straight male (and thus not being a part of the community) some of the information here might need corrections. If you find any mistakes, however, please do let me know so that I can keep this website as accurate as possible.

The images are licensed to public use by the Wikimedia Commons and are completely part of the public domain. Much of the information is sourced from the Wikipedia pages for the sub-communities and therefore might not always be the most correct information available. In such cases, if you are part of the community, please let me know of any discrepancies or any content that offends you.

If you want to contribute to the content, you are always welcome! Please drop me an email for any changes and takedowns or if you directly want to contribute to the site, the project is open-sourced on my GitHub.

Working on creating this site has taught me a lot of things and also made me realize the pain people go through while they struggle with their sexuality. If you know a person that might be curious or confused about their sexual orientation, please do comfort them. Also, if you found this website useful, do consider sharing it and donating to the creator.

#LoveWins #Pride

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